Friday, 31 January 2014

Hello 2014

Is it to late to say happy new year lovely readers? I couldn't let the whole of January go by without a quick catch up.

The last couple of months have been somewhat manic and blogging has been way way down my to-do list with time spent supporting The Mike through some hefty surgery and subsequent recovery. It was such a relief to finally bring him home, although it was tough going at first he's improving everyday and I can start to think about crafting and blogging again. Yay!
Miss Chaela Boo: Happy 2014
The lovely Nemo looked after me brilliantly during the two weeks that Mike was in hospital and we enjoyed lots of evenings watching Christmas films and snuggling under blankets.

I did manage to finish one special project during the hours spent at the hospital; a blanket for our new niece Ellena Rose. I can't show you a picture just yet because it hasn't been handed over but hopefully we'll be able to pay her a real visit very soon (we've already met via Skype!). I'll be sure to report back with an update and a link to the gorgeous pattern asap.

It can be tricky to get the blogging mojo back after a bit of break but normal service will resume shortly.

Happy 2014 everyone!!!