Monday, 31 March 2014

Drawing with Sketchbook Pro

I've been using my Android tablet for blogging for just over a year now and use it a lot for photo editing. Just recently though I've started to get drawing. 

Last year I visited the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy and was blown away by the iPad drawings. I downloaded various drawing apps but didn't quite get on with any of them. That was until I discovered Sketchbook Pro and learnt how to use it properly. I started with the free version and worked through a tutorial to draw this little alien. 
Miss Chaela Boo - drawing with Sketchbook Pro
I discovered that the secret of digital drawing was in using layers. It seems obvious now that by using layers you can add shading and detail without affecting the work you have already done. 

Now I'm spending much of my spare/crafting time drawing and even bought myself a beautiful Wacom Bamboo stylus in light blue.

Here's a little look at how I've been getting on:
Miss Chaela Boo - drawing with Sketchbook Pro - Little brown mouse
Little brown mouse
Miss Chaela Boo - Drawing with Sketchbook Pro - Kitties
Miss Chaela Boo - Drawing with Sketchbook Pro - Nemo
Miss Chaela Boo - Drawing with Sketchbook Pro - Mother's day mice
Mother's day mice
I have the lovely Alice of knitnrun4sanity to thank for this last drawing after she asked me to make her a mother's day card. It is also thanks to her that I have finally got around to printing my own cards (something I have been pondering for some months). It's still early days but it's a step in an exciting direction.


  1. Oh Michaela they are all gorgeous! I love your illustrations so much!

  2. This is really exciting! I love Nemo. Can't wait to see what else you draw.

  3. These are amazing! I have one but I was awful at it so it been on the shelve the ages, may have to dig it out again!


  4. Awww :) So sweet! Always nice to discover a new medium for creativity too! xxx

  5. They are beautiful! I need to do more with my tablet! I'm inspired :-) Samantha