Monday, 26 May 2014

Crochet jumper

I've been growing increasingly envious of friends who are able to knit beautiful jumpers and cardigans for themselves. I can knit but my skills have so far only extended to scarfs and hats, I definitely favour crochet and find the patterns easier to follow. The trouble is that stylish and practical crochet patterns can be difficult to find; I guess crochet just lends itself better to holey shawls. However, the  Maple Falls Sweater by Joanne of Not So Granny was perfect for a first time attempt at jumper making. The pattern was produced as part of the Crochet Project and the original comes in beautiful autumn colours. I love the maple leaf design but I just don't do brown. 

I'm really into navy at the moment so decided to go for a blue version of the jumper, with navy for the main colour. After a quick trip to The Sheep Shop I was stocked up on yarn ready to go. I ended up with woolcott which is a mix of lambswool and cotton, perfect for spring!
Miss Chaela Boo - Crochet jumper woolcott yarn
I didn't manage to take many 'in progress' photos but here is a cheeky close up of the maple leaf stitches.
Miss Chaela Boo - Crochet jumper
After three attempts and one whole month I finished the jumper. I'm so pleased with it. In the light blue and white the maple leaves look more like snow flakes so I think this jumper could be a good all year rounder.
Miss Chaela Boo - Crochet jumper
I've already got my second pattern lined up so I'll be reporting back on that if I can ever make a decision on the yarn to use.

Have you got a favourite crochet (or knitting) pattern? Or are you working on something at the moment. Let me know in the comments and share your links. 

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